GTT Annual Workshop 2008

U. DahlmannFactSage @ SCHOTT - Chemical Interaction Along the Process Line of Glass Production
I. AmamotoUse of Thermodynamic Simulation for Preliminary Study on Electrolyte Recycle Process by Phosphate Conversion Technique

J. van DykViscosity Predictions of the Slag Compositions of Gasified Coal, Utilizing FactSage Equilibrium Modelling

P. DrozdzModelling of Argon Process Refining Based on Equilibrium State Analysis of Metal Bath - Slag Reactions and Tank Model Theory

R. GroßterlindenUsing Computational Thermochemistry in a Steelmaking Environment

S. WenzelA Thermochemical Model of a Reforming Process Using Hydrocarbon Fuels, which is Included in a Fuel Cell System

B.DerinUniversity Based Research Studies Aided by FactSage Simulation Program

S. MartensCoupling of Thermodynamic Equilibrium Libraries with a Multidimensional CFD Solver - Application and Potential

R. KoningsA Thermodynamic Database for Salt Systems in Nuclear Applications

A. DinsdaleA Thermodynamic Database for Solder Systems

T. MarkusExperimental Determination of Thermodynamic Properties

R. Stoffelab initio Computational Materials Science

E. YazhenzkikhThermochemical Assessments for Alkali-containing Oxide Systems with Silica and Alumina

T. TanakaNeural Network Approach to Slag Viscosity / SlagVis

A. KondratievOn the Thermochemical Modelling of Viscosities of Liquid Oxide Mixtures

I. EgryMeasuring Surface Tension of Liquid Metals Using Levitation Melt Methods

C. HonselThe Need for Thermochemical and Thermophysical Property Data in the Modelling of Casting Processes

T. GinsbergGeneral Considerations for Process Modelling on a Thermochemical Basis

M. SpiegelCorrosion of Heat Exchanger Materials

R. NaraparajuInCorr for Windows - A new software for simulating corrosion phenomena

B. BlanpainChemApp as a Tool to Study Pyrometallurgical Processes: K.U. Leuven Examples and Perspectives

C. WeberEstimation of Corrosion Risks Caused by Alkali-Species in Oxyfuel Processes

O. EnglerThe Use of Computer Simulation of the Microstructure of Al-Alloys in Industrial Practice

R. PajarreCalculation of Solidification of Steels Under Back-diffusion Conditions Using ChemSheet

M. RettenmayrScheil or Lever Rule? - Modelling the Kinetics of Solidification

M. XieAdvances in Modelling Salt Stock Deposition of Nuclear Wastes

S. LachmannFormation and Modification of Non-metallic Inclusions Through Slags During Ladle Treatment

S. PetersenCurrent ChemApp Projects

S. GuhlUsing SimuSage for The Modelling of Diverse Processes in Energy Conversion

R. EmlerDynamic Programming Using the SimuSage Component Library and its Application to the Simulation of the Cement Clinker Burner Process