GTT Users’ Meeting 2022

The GTT Users‘ Meeting in this year took place as an online event, on Wednesday June 29th and on Thursday June 30th. It was a great event with more than 150 participants from all over the world!

On each day, the event consisted of  6 to 8 presentations and corresponding Q&A sessions. The video presentations are available here as Youtube links in the table below.

Below you will find the Program of the 24th GTT Users’ Meeting:

Program (all times in CEST)

Session Metallurgy – 29th of June – Wednesday Morning
Chairman: Stephan Petersen

10:00Greeting and Introduction
10:10Katsunori Yamaguchi
Waseda University (Japan)Recycling rare-earth metals from motor magnet
10:30Sabrine Khadhraoui
SMS Group (Germany)Looking for future solutions by digging into the past: How computational thermochemistry can help us solve old industrial mysteries
10:50Gather TownCoffee break
11:10Deepoo KumarIIT Bombay
Application of private database development feature in FactSage for modeling the liquid steel solution
11:30In-Ho JungSeoul National University
(South Korea)
From CALPHAD database to Virtual steelmaking plant: Application of ChemApp for process simulation tools
Gather TownDiscussion lounge

Session  General Topics – 29th of June – Wednesday Afternoon
Chairman: Stephan Petersen

13:00Greeting and Introduction
13:10Tanai MarinSysCAD
Dynamic Simulation of Batch Copper Converting Using SysCAD with ChemApp
13:30Moritz to BabenGTT-Technologies (Germany)What's new in the databases?
13:50Bruno ReisGTT-Technologies (Germany)Calphad Optimizer in FactSage 8.2 – Introduction and Demonstration
14:10Gather town
14:30End of Day 1

Session  Energy – 30th of June – Thursday Morning
Chairman: Moritz to Baben

10:00Greeting and Introduction
10:10Jin Bai
State Key Laboratory of Coal Conversion (China)Coal ash chemistry by experiments and theoretical calculation
10:30Clara SchlerethDECHEMA (Germany)Risk assessment of the corrosion attack by metal dusting based on the gas composition
10:50Jia QiForschungszentrum Jülich, IEK-2 (Germany)Experimental study and thermodynamic assessment of thermodynamic properties of Li+, Na+, K+//Cl-, CO3(-2) system for thermal energy storage
11:10Gather TownDiscussion lounge

Session  Metallurgy – 30th of June – Thursday Afternoon
Chairman: Moritz to Baben

13:00Greeting and Introduction
13:10Jean-Philippe HarveyPolytechnique Montréal - CRCT (Canada)ChemApp for Python to model high temperature electrolysis
13:30Tanai MarinXPS Expert Process Solutions (Canada)Proof of Concept: Dynamic Model of Koniambo’s Ferronickel Ladle Refinery Using ChemApp and M4D-GCI Library
13:50Gather townCoffee break
14:10Manas PaliwalIIT Kharagpur
Modelling of solid-state transformation kinetics in alloys using the ChemApp thermodynamic library: few case studies on commercial alloys
14:30Ondrej BenesJoint Research Centre (JRC), European Commission (Germany)EU thermodynamic database on molten salt reactor systems goes public
14:50Gather townDiscussion lounge
15:10End of Day 2