GTT Users’ Meeting 2022 – 29th/30th June

Last year our Users’ Meeting was a great success! Because of the uncertainties related to the CoViD-19 pandemic, the GTT Users‘ Meeting in this year will take place again as an online event, on Wednesday June 29th and on Thursday June 30th.

On each day, the event will consist of  6 to 8 presentations and corresponding Q&A sessions. On each day, there will be a morning session, from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and a afternoon session, from 1.00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. (all times according to CET).

The presentations will be recorded in advance with our support and we will broadcast them during the period of the online Users’ Meeting. After and during each presentation, the audience can ask questions in a chat. These questions will be answered by the presenter after the presentation. Thus, we hope to ensure lively discussions.

Below you will find the Program of the 24th GTT Users’ Meeting:

Program (all times in CEST)

Session Metallurgy – 29th of June – Wednesday Morning
Chairman: Stephan Petersen

10:00Greeting and Introduction
10:10Katsunori Yamaguchi
Waseda University (Japan)Recycling rare-earth metals from motor magnet
10:30Sabrine Khadhraoui
SMS Group (Germany)Looking for future solutions by digging into the past: How computational thermochemistry can help us solve old industrial mysteries
10:50Gather TownCoffee break
11:10Deepoo KumarIIT Bombay
Application of private database development feature in FactSage for modeling the liquid steel solution
11:30In-Ho JungSeoul National University
(South Korea)
From CALPHAD database to Virtual steelmaking plant: Application of ChemApp for process simulation tools
Gather TownDiscussion lounge

Session  General Topics – 29th of June – Wednesday Afternoon
Chairman: Stephan Petersen

13:00Greeting and Introduction
13:10Tanai MarinSysCAD
Dynamic Simulation of Batch Copper Converting Using SysCAD with ChemApp
13:30Moritz to BabenGTT-Technologies (Germany)What's new in the databases?
13:50Bruno ReisGTT-Technologies (Germany)Calphad Optimizer in FactSage 8.2 – Introduction and Demonstration
14:10Gather town
14:30End of Day 1

Session  Energy – 30th of June – Thursday Morning
Chairman: Moritz to Baben

10:00Greeting and Introduction
10:10Jin Bai
State Key Laboratory of Coal Conversion (China)Coal ash chemistry by experiments and theoretical calculation
10:30Clara SchlerethDECHEMA (Germany)Risk assessment of the corrosion attack by metal dusting based on the gas composition
10:50Jia QiForschungszentrum Jülich, IEK-2 (Germany)Experimental study and thermodynamic assessment of thermodynamic properties of Li+, Na+, K+//Cl-, CO3(-2) system for thermal energy storage
11:10Gather TownDiscussion lounge

Session  Metallurgy – 30th of June – Thursday Afternoon
Chairman: Moritz to Baben

13:00Greeting and Introduction
13:10Jean-Philippe HarveyPolytechnique Montréal - CRCT (Canada)ChemApp for Python to model high temperature electrolysis
13:30Tanai MarinXPS Expert Process Solutions (Canada)Proof of Concept: Dynamic Model of Koniambo’s Ferronickel Ladle Refinery Using ChemApp and M4D-GCI Library
13:50Gather townCoffee break
14:10Manas PaliwalIIT Kharagpur
Modelling of solid-state transformation kinetics in alloys using the ChemApp thermodynamic library: few case studies on commercial alloys
14:30Ondrej BenesJoint Research Centre (JRC), European Commission (Germany)EU thermodynamic database on molten salt reactor systems goes public
14:50Gather townDiscussion lounge
15:10End of Day 2

Registration deadline is Tuesday June 28th, 12:00 pm (CEST).

We wish to all the participants an excellent 24th GTT Users’ Meeting!