SimuSage is a modern application carrying all the benefits of the latest software development principles. As a set of RAD (Rapid Application Development) components, it can be integrated into any simulation. The components support the properties of inheritance, encapsulation and polymorphism.

SimuSage fully supports the ChemApp concepts of streams, phases, phase constituents, system components and uses standard ChemSage thermochemical data-files.
Using a database, SimuSage allows the user to define stream types and materials based on a ChemSage data-file.

A new equation: ChemApp + Delphi = SimuSage

A new equation: ChemApp + Delphi = SimuSage
The benefits of a concept which joins rigorous Gibbs energy themochemistry as in ChemApp with graphical components in a programming environment as in Delphi are obvious:

  • RAD (Rapid Application Development) of process simulations/flowsheets with a minimum amount of programming.
  • Virtually no restrictions as to the complexity of the simulation.
  • Fully integrated into Delphi, all language features and programming tools available.
  • Benefits of OO design: Reusability of components, extensibility through inheritance, etc.
  • Visual programming, resulting in fast 32 bit Windows programs.
  • Resulting programs can be distributed to end users, no Delphi required.
  • Database back end for stream and material definitions.
  • Iterative, nested and counter-current processes: Far more than just allowing for simple loops over a temperature or composition range, SimuSage allows for iterative processes, nested loops, counter-current flows, and all types of flow control imaginable.
  • Fast, custom-made standalone programs: SimuSage is embedded into a state-of-the-art Windows development environment (Borland Delphi®), which produces fast, standalone executables. Just add one DLL and the thermochemical as well as the material data-files.
  • The ideal tool for consultants: The compiled executables are redistributable upon request, and since the compiled programs protect your process-specific know-how, SimuSage is the perfect tool if you are a consultant.
  • Visual programming, optional coding: SimuSage fully supports the RAD concept by making the assembly of your flowsheet a highly visual process. For simple flowsheets, virtually no programming is necessary. However, learning step by step how to add Delphi code to your SimuSage flowsheet gives you almost limitless flexibility.
  • Arbitrary source for input conditions: The conditions for an equilibrium calculation can be set in many ways: through user input, as a previously defined input material, loaded from external files, returned by calls to other program modules or external DLLs.
  • Extensible unit operations: If SimuSage does not provide exactly the unit operation you need, it’s easy to set up your own, or, in upcoming versions of SimuSage, to derive it from any existing one.
  • Widest range of thermochemical data available: All thermochemical databases for inorganic substances presently available for the integrated thermodynamic databank system FactSage can be used as source for simulation work with SimuSage. Just choose the appropriate database(s) in FactSage, define your chemical system, select the relevant phases and species, and download the data-file for SimuSage. Databases
  • Open to everything: Although your primary interests may lie with the thermochemical aspects, everything that you can imagine putting in code to augment your simulation can be added to SimuSage (e.g thermophysical properties, cost calculations).

Have a look at how well experimental results can be reproduced in a simple process model!