Applications of FactSage in the Energy Research

In the scope of a preparation work for a project proposal, a literature research was conducted on the applications of FactSage in the areas of combustion and gasification of fossil and renewable carbon-containing raw materials. The research included not only the important coal- and biomass-based fuels, but also all kinds of carbon-containing industrial and domestic …

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Casting Case Study: Refractory-melt interactions

In the scope of the collaborative research center SFB 761, von Schweinichen(*) experimentally investigated the chemical interactions between a high manganese steel melt and different refractory materials employed in assembling an adequate casting system. Normally, when casting in an open atmosphere, one expects worse results considering cleanliness for a top pouring process (Figure 1) than …

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GTT at ASK 2018

The 32nd “Aachener Stahlkolloquium“ (Aachen Steel Colloquium) has just started. This year’s topic is “Metallurgy in Transition 4.0” and the topics include digitalization, biofuels and hydrogen, big data and casting. It is clear that these aim at society’s needs for sustainability and low CO2-emissions while making sure that steel can still be produced in high-wage …

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Training Course FactSage for Pyrometallurgy

The date of the open FactSage Training Course on pyrometallurgical applications is fixed! On 11th and 12th of October Prof. Klaus Hack will teach how to use FactSage in the hot part of metallurgical plants. The 11th of Ocotober will cover the basics behind FactSage while the 12th of October is devoted to real application …

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Understanding Solidification in Selective Laser Melting

Additive manufacturing is definetely a “hot topic” these days. And it is not only hot because of the extreme temperatures needed for processes like Selective Laser Melting (SLM) of molybdenum alloys! SLM of molybdenum alloys deserves attention because it combines a manufacturing process of the future with a material system that has the potential to …

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M4Dynamics: Introduction to SimuSage (Webinar)

Our colleagues at M4Dynamics are planning to broadcast a webinar on SimuSage™ on Tuesday, August 14, 2018, 4:00 PM – 4:30 PM CEST (Central European Summer Time). In this introductory webinar, the basic structure of SimuSage will be discussed, as well as the functionalities of the major objects available on the SimuSage tool panel. We …

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GTT Annual Workshop 2018

The program is divided into four sessions: Aqueous (Wednesday afternoon), Energy Conversion (Thursday morning), Metallurgy (Thursday afternoon) and Miscellaneous (Friday morning). The presentation files will be uploaded soon…   Wednesday Afternoon   Thursday   Friday Morning