GTT Annual Workshop 2013

M. SchickThe data clearing house in the WENDELIB Li-battery project

T. MarkusThermochemical investigations, data determination, and FactSage calculations for Li-ion batteries
D. CupidThermodynamic assessments of systems evaluated in the WENDELIB priority program for Li-ion batteries

M. YokotaDevelopment of New Advanced Simulation Technology for Cement Making Process
A. PischThe use of Calphad Thermodynamics in Building Materials Industry
H. MoogTHEREDA Database Project: Extensions of the Pitzer database with respect to phosphate, alkaline earth metal sulphates, heavy metals, and fission products - first results

T. JantzenAddition of MeS and MnOx to the GTOx database

E. YazhenskikhIncorporation of P2O5 into the oxide core database with Al, Si, Ca and Mg

G. WuUse of the Oxide database in modelling of multi-component slag viscosities

W. BielefeldtThermodynamic evaluation of the slag system CaO-MgO-SiO2-Al2O3

P. YanSlag-steel-inclusions interaction focusing on the steel cleanliness

P. KurowskiSlag modelling based on coal ash compositions

R. MarroHigh temperature combustion of biomass in an entrained flow reactor

A. StephanEquilibrium calculations for sulphate reactions in biomass combustion

P. KangasModelling the super-equilibrium of sodium, potassium, sulphur and chlorine in the recovery boiler fume

T. SchreckCoal Ash behaviour in a Power Plant

A. LennartssonMinor elements in copper converting

S. ArnoutModelling lead recycling processes

M. AuingerPhase Diagrams with FactSage - Speaking different Languages for Thermochemical Properties

S. PetersenCurrent development work on ChemApp and SimuSage
K. HackThe new Hard Metals database by Spencer Group, News on FactSage