GTT Annual Workshop 2011

S. ArnoutThermodynamic Calculations with a Low Threshold: Excel Worksheets, 3D Phase Diagrams and Other Educational Tools

W. CramaUsing Computational Thermochemistry in Metallurgical Plants

O. EnglerMicro-Chemistry Simulation of Al-Alloys with the ClaNG-Model

N. C. HeckGas Nitriding of Fe-C-Mn Alloy – A Thermodynamic Analysis

J. HeulensCrystallization of Oxide Melts: A Phase Field Model Coupled With ChemApp

T. JantzenAddition of K2O and Na2O to the Al2O3-CaO-FeOx-MgO-SiO2 System

A. LennartssonMetallurgical Challenges in WEEE Recycling

A. LoefflerPlane Front Directional Solidification Experiments for Thermochemical Databases

H. C. MoogTHEREDA - Demonstration on How to Retrieve Data and Some Examples of Calculations Possible at Present

T. NentwigMeasurement and Numerical Simulation of Viscosities in Slag-Systems under Gasification Conditions

S. PetersenEquations-Of-State Models in ChemApp/ChemSheet, a Fluent-KilnSimu Link and a Metallurgical Process Simulation Tool Based On SimuSage

H. SarriegiCoupling WinCast® to ChemApp® for the Calculation of Final Microstructure Distribution

M. SuzukiEstimation of Solid-liquid Interfacial Energies of Alloy Systems from Thermodynamic Properties

Z. TasznerApplication of Thermodynamic Modeling in Steel Metallurgy

K. WeissThe Use of Thermochemical Calculation for Better Understanding the Impact of Alloying Elements to the Solidification and Transition at Al

E. YazhenskikhThermodynamic Assessment of the Al2O3-K2O-Na2O-SiO2-CaO-MgO System