GTT Users’ Meeting 2019

The program is divided into four sessions: Energy Conversion, Metallurgy, Cement production and Miscellaneous.

Below you can see a list of speakers and corresponding companies that contributed with a presentation at the GTT Users’ Meeting in 2019.

Wednesday afternoon

Moritz to BabenGTT-TechnologiesOpening remarks
Sedigheh BigdeliChalmers University of TechnologyUnderstanding the mechanism of fast corrosion initiation caused by KCl on waterwalls and superheated materials in waste and bio-fired power plants
Benedetto RisioRecom ServicesUsing Thermo-Chemical Equilibrium Calculations in a Combustion CFD Environment for the Simulation of Slagging and Fouling in Lignite Fired Power Stations
Francoise DefoortCEAIdentification of the K2Ca6Si4O15 ternary phase in biomass mixtures
Stefan GuhlUniversity of Freiberg Application of thermochemistry for the prediction of slagging in coal fired boilers
Daniel LindbergAalto UniversitySlags and ashes in biomass combustion
Dmitry SergeevForschungszentrum JülichPCM Screening: current state of experimental work on high temperature PCMs
Bruno ReisGTT-TechnologiesPhase Change Materials
Elena YazhenskikhForschungszentrum JülichDatabase development for the HotVeGas project
Tatjana JantzenGTT-TechnologiesAddition of SrO to the HotVeGas and GTOX Oxide databases


Sabrine KhadhraouiSMS GroupApplication of thermochemistry in BOF process modeling: What did it teach us about the dynamics of decarburisation reaction?
Klaus HackGTT-TechnologiesControl of Dephosphorisation in BOF process - BOFDePhos
Joao RezendeGTT-TechnologiesDevelopment of a process route for the beneficiation of Bismuth foams - BIREC
Michael SpiegelSZMFSlag formation and internal oxidation during HFI welding of pipeline steels
Johan ZietsmanEx MenteDynamic Process Modelling with ChemAppPy
Frans van SchalkwykHZDR FreibergDynamic model of a TSL furnace, developed with SimuSageTM software
Kevin HeppnerSysCADChemApp in SysCAD
Svitlana IljenkoMSIMaterials Constitution: The Need for Critical Evaluation
Yiannis PontikesKU LeuvenDesigning the precursors for a new slag-based cement, the ELCE
Pertti KoukkariVTTCalculation of phase diagrams for non-equilibrium reaction systems with constrained Gibbs Energy minimization
Karri PenttilaVTTDynamic Model for the Lime Kiln in the Chemical Kraft Recovery
Andrea SteynEx MenteDeeper understanding of phase diagrams through visualisation
Moritz to Baben GTT-TechnologiesIntroduction to constrained equilibrium method

Friday morning

Stephan PetersenGTT-TechnologiesSustainable fertilizer production from sun, air and water - DüSol
Robert SpatschekForschungszentrum JülichComparing thermodynamic data for monatomic and diatomic gases from ab-initio and CALPHAD data
Peer SchmidtBTU CottbusRational Approaches to Synthesis and Crystal Growth of Rare Earth Metal Tellurides
Detlef KlimmIKZ BerlinThermal Analysis and Thermodynamic Calculations in Rare-Earth Oxide Based Systems
Torsten MarkusUniversity of MannheimDetermination of Thermodynamic Data for Gaseous Phases using Knudsen Effusion Mass Spectrometry
Christian HolländerSiemens MülheimSimulation of high temperature corrosion and deposit formation in gas turbines
Stephan PetersenGTT-TechnologiesChemApp, SimuSage, ChemSheet: Current Developments
Moritz to BabenGTT-TechnologiesDevelopment of the AIMP database
Moritz to BabenGTT-TechnologiesConcluding Remarks and Farewell

As every year, everybody is invited to take part at a kart race in the Friday afternoon after the meeting!