Alloy and Material Design

FactSage online self-learning videos

Prof. In-Ho Jung from Seoul National University, our colleague and FactSage co-developer, gave a FactSage Workshop during the conference MOLTEN 2021. This workshop included self-learning videos which are freely available online via his website:  MOLTEN2021-FactSageWorkshop-HTTL The following topics were covered in the workshop: Thermodynamic Database Development Ferrous Pyrometallurgy Alloy Design Macro Processing It is an […]

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Casting Case Study: Refractory-melt interactions

Casting with bottom teeming

In the scope of the collaborative research center SFB 761, von Schweinichen(*) experimentally investigated the chemical interactions between a high manganese steel melt and different refractory materials employed in assembling an adequate casting system. Normally, when casting in an open atmosphere, one expects worse results considering cleanliness for a top pouring process (Figure 1) than

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Understanding Solidification in Selective Laser Melting

Additive manufacturing is definetely a “hot topic” these days. And it is not only hot because of the extreme temperatures needed for processes like Selective Laser Melting (SLM) of molybdenum alloys! SLM of molybdenum alloys deserves attention because it combines a manufacturing process of the future with a material system that has the potential to

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How do I add “Balance” as amount for Fe?

I have just been asked by an experienced FactSage user how to add “Balance” when specifying an alloy composition in FactSage. This is one of the features that is very useful but unkown to many, so we should explain it better! This is why we started the GTT-blog anyway… So, let’s consider the case when

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