Moritz to Baben

Dr. Moritz to Baben finished his diploma studies in Metallurgical Engineering at RWTH Aachen University in 2007. He did his PhD at Materials Chemistry (Prof. Jochen M. Schneider, RWTH Aachen University) in 2013 where he was also active in teaching materials chemistry classes and introduced video excercises and a virtual student's lab. He joined GTT-Technologies in 2016. Since October 2017 he is the Managing Director.

FactSage in Literature

I have just attended the virtual DGM meeting which is concluded by the award presentation. My congratulations go to Katharina Esleben from University of Siegen and her co-authors, who have received the Werner-Köster award for their article Effect of Cr and Ni on the microstructural evolution in Co–Re–Cr–Ni alloys in the International Journal of Materials […]

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GTT at ASK 2018

The 32nd “Aachener Stahlkolloquium“ (Aachen Steel Colloquium) has just started. This year’s topic is “Metallurgy in Transition 4.0” and the topics include digitalization, biofuels and hydrogen, big data and casting. It is clear that these aim at society’s needs for sustainability and low CO2-emissions while making sure that steel can still be produced in high-wage

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Understanding Solidification in Selective Laser Melting

Additive manufacturing is definetely a “hot topic” these days. And it is not only hot because of the extreme temperatures needed for processes like Selective Laser Melting (SLM) of molybdenum alloys! SLM of molybdenum alloys deserves attention because it combines a manufacturing process of the future with a material system that has the potential to

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How do I add “Balance” as amount for Fe?

I have just been asked by an experienced FactSage user how to add “Balance” when specifying an alloy composition in FactSage. This is one of the features that is very useful but unkown to many, so we should explain it better! This is why we started the GTT-blog anyway… So, let’s consider the case when

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Why does GTT start a blog?

“In this house, we obey the laws of thermodynamics!” – Homer Simpson.   We at GTT completely agree: The laws of thermodynamics are the solid foundation on which we can build understanding of materials and processes. Not all materials and processes are in equilibrium, but there are also many options to calculate constrained equilibria and

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