About us

“Chemical space” –

just like the universe, chemical space is huge and we know and understand only a part of it.

Unlike in universe, humankind has travelled far in chemical space, from wood and stones to bronze, steels and semi-conductors. If you process materials, you need to navigate in chemical space. Thermochemistry is the map that allows you to navigate. Unlike the map we use for navigation on streets, chemical space is much higher in dimensionality – each element makes up one dimension. For most humans, analyzing data in more than 2 or 3 dimensions is very difficult.  Therefore, it is our mission to provide tools that help metallurgists, material scientists and process engineers to navigate in chemical space.

Providing tools

for navigation in chemical space means for us:

Relying on decades of experience in fundamental thermochemical modelling and database development.
Leveraging recent developments in academia – from materials science to data science – for thermochemical databases and process modelling.
Staying up-to-date with current developments and challenges in the different industries about processing of inorganic materials.
Developing software with clear interfaces to powerful calculation routines.
Offering excellent training to the tools, based on decades of experience in teaching.