GTT – The Single Source for Thermochemistry Tools

“GTT has specialized in the field of Technical Thermochemistry since 1983. We were among the pioneers in the practical application of thermochemistry to analyse industrial problems. Our primary goal is to make it easy for you to use Technical Thermochemistry.”

We at GTT, help you to solve your specific problem quickly and economically with our expert calculation services, at the other hand, we can supply you with all tools necessary to carry out your own calculations. Not many other organizations involved in the field can look back on our level of experience. Over the years, we have constantly improved our capabilities and now offer a wide range of products and services in the field of Technical Themochemisrty.

We are located in Herzogenrath near Aachen. We have a world wide chain of agents and partners. The information in these pages helps you to learn more about us. It focusses on the software and data that are available from and through GTT-Technologies which has its roots at the Lehrstuhl für Werkstoffchemie (Materials Chemistry) of RWTH Aachen (Aachen University of Technology).

The renowned ChemSage family of software programs includes

  • FactSage, the Windows™ based Integrated Thermodynamic Database System
  • SimuSage, the Delphi component library for process simulation
  • ChemApp, the programmer’s toolkit
  • ChemSheet, the spreadsheet tool for easy use of complex equilibria

FactSage and ChemApp are based on the life long development activities of Gunnar Eriksson.

Our products are evolving daily and new softwares are added to our chest. Please refer to the SOFTWARE section for more and updated information. The blog section helps you to know about latest developments and upcoming events. GTT also serves its customers with various data services. Please refer to the DATA section to see how GTT can serve you. Our technical expertise in the field enables us to offer contractual services to the industry. Please refer to the CONSULTING section to know more about our consulting services.