GTT Users’ Meeting

Photo of last Users' Meeting

Since its inception in 1999, GTT invites users and customers to join the annual GTT Users' Meeting, which has since then taken place every single year.

Our Users' Meeting is a unique opportunity where users from industry and academia meet developers of thermodynamic databases and software to exchange ideas about the present and future capabilities and applications of the products of the FactSage product family.

At these events users share their experiences with GTT products, get new ideas for their own work and make suggestions for further developments or improvements of our software packages. The meeting‘s program always contains a good mix of theoretical and application-oriented presentations, of energy and metallurgy topics and, last but not least, of thermodynamics and kinetics!

Presentations about sample thermochemical applications using GTT products show the broad variety of possibilities to improve basic academic research, industrial product development and production methods.

You may have a look at the program of the previous meetings by clicking on the hyperlinks below:

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Since 2020, because of the CoViD-19 pandemia, the meeting has been held online.