Users’ Meeting 2019

Our users’ meeting from 26th to 28th of June is approaching quickly! The users’ meeting itself starts on the 26th of June at 13:00h and goes until 12:00h on June 28th. Many colleagues from the industry and academia already registered to contribute with presentations and we are looking forward to the many interesting talks showing applications for the thermochemical software that GTT offers. We will have contributions in the areas of metallurgy, energy conversion and in other areas such as cement making and combustion. The GTT Users’ meeting is free of charge.

If you would like to attend, please register at

2 thoughts on “Users’ Meeting 2019”

  1. Dear,

    Hi my name is Min-Kyu Paek.
    I’m working at Aalto University in Finland as a postdoc.
    I met Dr. Petersen at this TMS meeting and heard about this users’ meeting.
    Can I and my supervisor, Prof. Daniel Lindberg, attend this meeting with presentations?
    Let me know how to attend it and how to apply my topic with some details about this meeting.

    Best regards,

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