The General Concept

Before the actual “building of the model” with the SimuSage tool can start it is good practice to develop a conceptual scheme of the process using the “unit operations” available in SimuSage. These are streams, stream splitters, mixers (no chemical reactions!), equilibrium reactors, iterators. Built your entire model using the unit operations in basic configurations such as by-passes or split equilibria (to include kinetic inhibitions into your process), or use recycle streams with (or without) internal equilibrium in order to handle output from one stage as input to a previous stage.

Figure 1: A by-pass using a stream splitter (S), an equilibrium reactor (EQ) and a mixer (M)
Figure 2: A split equilibrium using a stream splitter (S), two equilibrium reactors (EQ) and a mixer (M)
Figure 3: An equilibrated recycle stream using a mixer (M), two equilibrium reactors (EQ) and a splitter (S)

Used symbols:

– Equilibrium reactor – Mixer – Splitter


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