Process simulation with ChemApp involving complex non-equilibrium phenomena

At Mannesmann Demag Metallurgy, ChemApp has been used to develop a component library for Borland Delphi®. This programming system, called ProMoSys®, consists of flowsheeting components which add the capability to easily generate stand-alone flowsheeting models to Delphi’s powerful programming language. ProMoSys thus allows for the creation of flowsheets with a sound thermochemical basis, something that many users miss from other flowsheeting software.

At the Institute of Chemical Engineering, RWTH Aachen , ProMoSys has been used to develop a simulation of a LD converter process with focus on non-equilibrium phenomena.

ProMoSys is now called SimuSage and is constantly being further developed by GTT. Information on the early simulation work done on the LD converter process have been published in various articles: