Steps to download your copy of ChemSheet Light V1.83

ChemSheet is also available as ChemSheet Light – the free demo version of ChemSheet.

With the release of ChemSheet Light we would like to give interested programmers the chance to get to know Chemsheet. Please, read the download instructions below.

This zip file contains the installation program and the ReadMe-file (README_183.TXT). Unzip it to an empty directory and run setup.exe in that directory to install. The installation program suggests C:\CSLight as a default directory. You can change it if you want. But if you change it you will be asked for the new location of the thermodynamic data file when you try to run or edit any of the example files. Just select the file in question from its new location (\Data subdirectory under the directory that you entered during the installation)

  • Please read the notes in the ReadMe-file (README_183.TXT) before you start using ChemSheet Light.

If you have any questions regarding the demo version, please contact .