SimuSage – Data for Your Simulations

GTT-Technologies offers a comprehensive selection of thermochemical databases to support your SimuSage simulations.

Data selection tool in FactSage
Users of the the integrated thermodynamic databank system FactSage can download a thermochemical datafile ready for use with ChemApp and thus SimuSage in the Equilib module of FactSage.
These files are necessary because the use of ChemApp/SimuSage is based on application specific datafiles.

Customised databases
GTT also provides the service of generating customised databases for particular applications. It may therefore not be necessary that you are also a FactSage-cum-database(s) user if you want to benefit from SimuSage. Furthermore, GTT offers to assemble customised databases in case non of the major databases contains the data needed for the application. Literature searches and own assessments of data are part of this services.