Microstructures, Mechanical Properties and Processes Computer Simulation and Modelling, EUROMAT 99 – Volume 3(2000), 323(Wiley-VCH, Weinheim, ISBN 3-527-30122-4)
Language: English

ChemSheet – an Efficient Worksheet Tool for Thermodynamic Process Simulation

| Koukkari P. | Penttilä K. |

VTT Chemical Technology, P.O. Box 1404, FIN 02044-VTT, Finland

| Hack K. | Petersen S. |

GTT-Technologies, Kaiserstraße 100, D-52134 Herzogenrath, Germany

Keywords: | chemsheet | process simulation |



Chemical and process simulation by rigorous numerical procedures has become an everyday necessity in engineering and materials science. Few new processes or changes in the chemistry of existing ones are designed without computer modelling. Simulation focuses both the reactor design and experimental work on essentials, eliminates vain experimenting and enables easier process scale-up.

ChemSheet is a novel simulation technique, which can be used in the Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet software. Thus ChemSheet offers a non-programming environment for repetitive complex equilibrium calculations and even for simulation of time-dependent processes. The evaluation of the simulation data can straightforwardly be done with the versatile mathematical and graphical tools of the commercial spreadsheet program.