GTT Users’ Meeting 2024

After careful consideration of all pros and cons, we have decided that the GTT Users’ Meeting this year will be a hybrid one. While this allows for personal, live interaction, for instance during our beloved coffee breaks, it will also make it possible for people not being able to visit us in Aachen to attend the meeting.

The 26th GTT Users’ Meeting will take place on Campus Melaten of RWTH Aachen University, starting on 26th of June at 13:00h and going until 12:00h on June 28th. The Google maps coordinates to the venue, INClab, may be found here. If you are coming by car, please find the coordinates of the parking garage here.

Please find below the final program of this year’s GTT Users’ Meeting.

Program (all times in CEST)

26th of June – Wednesday Afternoon

14:00Greeting and Introduction
14:10Inge BellemansGhent University
Physical slag properties via a combined experimental-modelling approach
14:30Arne PeysVITO
Metallurgical principles for producing concrete constituents
14:50Adamantia LazouNTUA
CALPHAD-based thermodynamic evaluation for integrating secondary Ni-containing dusts in ferrous processing
15:10Coffee break
15:30Klaus HackGTT-TechnologiesThermodynamics and the Exergetic Efficiency of the Circular Economy
16:10Coffee break
Takahiro SasakiRCCM
FactSage activity and application in Japan
16:50Hugo LucasIME-RWTH
Modelling pyrometallurgical systems through oxygen partial pressure to fit experimental data. Study case: fayalitic slag from Cu industry.
17:10End of Day 1

27th of June – Thursday Morning

9:00Sabrine KhadhraouiSMS
Combining the power of computational thermochemistry with the convenience of Python within the digital platforms of the SMS group
Magnus EkBoliden
ChemApp for NF Metallurgy - Example Copper Converting
9:40Alberto RiveraCENIM-CSIC
Deoxidation of blister copper by hydrogen with ChemApp for Python by using the EERZ approach
10:00Coffee break
10:20Alexandros CharitosINEMET-TUBAF (Germany)Simulation and experiment: Examples of the development of pyrometallurgical reduction processes
Karri PenttilaVTT
Simulation of Chemical Processes with ChemSheet V2.1
11:00Coffee break
11:20Johan van DykGTI Energy
Factsage applications in the gasification industry
Manas PaliwalIIT Kharagpur
H2 and Syngas generation using chemical looping technique
Lunch break

27th of June – Thursday Afternoon – Preview and Workshop
for new software: “Simulation of kinetic processes”

14:00Moritz to Baben / Anna RavensburgLong-term goal / big picture: Process simulation
14:20Ömer BüyükusluExample case: Theory for direct reduction of iron
14:40Coffee break
15:00Moritz to BabenExample case: Hands-on for homogeneous reaction kinetics for ammonia synthesis
15:20Fabrice Yang / Ömer Büyükuslu / Anna RavensburgPlan for process simulation software for direct reduction of iron
15:50Workshop on process simulation needs and abilities
16:50Anna Ravensburg / Moritz to BabenWrap-up process simulations
17:00End of Day 2

28th of June – Friday Morning

9:00Amedeo MorsaFZJ
Thermodynamics of the Na+, K+, Mg2+, Ca2+ // Cl-, SO4(2-) multi-component system for the identification of potential salt-based high temperature Phase Change Materials
Joel FelsHSPF
Calphad optimization of the Li-Ga-Sn system
9:40Cassie FrühGTT-Technologies
Automating Calphad optimizations
10:00Coffee break
10:20Guixuan WuState Key Laboratory of Coal Conversion
The role of thermodynamic database in machine learning: prediction of thermophysico-chemical properties of slags
Moritz to BabenGTT-Technologies
Updates on the databases GTOx and aiMP
11:10End of Day 3

Instead of organizing the Users’ Meeting in sessions, each one corresponding to our traditional areas of application like we have done in previous years, we decided that the event in this year will have the topic “Sustainable materials processing“​ as an overarching theme. On Friday we will have a dedicated session on database development.

At this year’s GTT Users’ Meeting, we will also have an extra session in the afternoon of Thursday, June 27th: we will feature a preview of a new software that will allow the simulation of kinetic processes, including mass and heat transport as well as reaction kinetics. We will also introduce GTT’s development goals for the next year for this software and look forward to your feedback and the discussion with you, which will both be invaluable to help us plan for the next development steps. Please note that this session will not be available online.

If you are interested in giving a presentation at our GTT Users’ Meeting 2024, please send an email, containing the general topic of your contribution, your name, and your affiliation to There are still a few slots available for presentations. In-person presentations are preferred, but a few online presentations are possible.

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We’re looking forward to seeing many of you in person again after several years!

Your GTT Users’ Meeting Organizing Team