ChemApp in FactSage – What’s new?

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FactSage 8.3

Since FactSage 8.3, ChemApp for Python is integrated in FactSage. Until end of August 2024, the license is included for all customers with active Maintenance and Support contract for FactSage free of charge.

To get started with ChemApp for Python, Equi2Py was developed, a module that allows the generation of a ChemApp for Python script from the Equilib module. Many features of Equilib are supported. The following figure shows the list of supported and not supported features. Note that there are some combinations of features that are not supported.

The ChemApp for Python script can either be in the form of a python file (.py) or in the form of a Jupyter Notebook (.ipynb). The following example shows the resulting Jupyter Notebook that is created when you export the example Equilib file (Ex_CH4-O2) that shows how to calculate the adiabatic flame temperature for methane combustion:


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