GTT Annual Workshop 2007

A. PischThermochemical Assessments of Multi-component Salt Systems

E. YazhenskikhThermochemical Assessments of Alkali Oxide - Al2O3 - SiO2 Systems

H. MoogTransport Model for the Behaviour of Nuclear Wastes in Salt Stocks

S. FischerChemical Transport in High Intensity Discharge Lamps

M. YokotaThermochemical Process Modelling of a Cement Plant

W. Van WassenhoveImprovements of the ASPEN Plus - ChemApp - FactSage Interface

R. BackmanModelling the Cement Process

E. JannotThe ClaNG+ Project - Modelling Microstructure of Al-Recycling Alloys

M. RettenmayrModelling Microstructure on Solidification

K. WeißCoupling Thermochemistry to Classical Soldification Modelling

A. BimüllerThermochemical Aspects of Waste Treatment

E. WoermannThermochemistry of Geothermal Waters - The Black Smoker Environment

R. PajarreA Thermochemical Approach to Thermophysical Properties - Modelling Surface and Interfacial Tension of Liquids

P. DrozdzMetallurgical Applications of FactSage

S. ArnoutModelling and Experiments Pertaining to Stainless Steel Making

A. KaiserCeramic and Refractory Applications of FactSage

W. KhanSpeeding up ChemApp by Parallel Processing

J. van DykMineral Matter Transformation During Sasol-Lurgi Fixed Bed Dry Bottom Gasification – Utilization of HT-XRD and FactSage Modelling

K. Hack3D-Phase Diagrams - The Next Step Towards a New Interactive Tool