GTT Users’ Meeting 2018

The program is divided into four sessions: Aqueous (Wednesday afternoon), Energy Conversion (Thursday morning), Metallurgy (Thursday afternoon) and Miscellaneous (Friday morning).

The presentation files will be uploaded soon…


Wednesday Afternoon

Moritz to BabenGTT-TechnologiesOpening remarks
Klaus HackGTT-TechnologiesAqueous Phase Diagrams in FactSage 7.2
Risto PajarreVTT Technical Research Centre of Finland LtdAqueous solution database and modelling using the Pitzer formalism and ChemApp/ChemSheet
Petteri Kangas VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland LtdApplication of ChemApp models to mine water chemistry
Helge MoogGRS - Gesellschaft für Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherheit mbHThe THEREDA project
Matti HellströmGeorg-August-Universität GöttingenNeural network simulations for aqueous systems
Bruno ReisGTT-TechnologiesThermodynamic database development for phase change materials



Peer SchmidtBTU Cottbus-SenftenbergPCM screening: the search for latent heat storage materials
Dmitry SergeevJülich Research CenterPCM Screening: High Temperature Phase Change Materials
Piotr PlazaStuttgart UniversityDevelopment of Slagging/Fouling Prediction Tool for Large Scale Boilers Fired with Coal Blends
Markus ReinmöllerTU Bergakademie FreibergThermochemical modeling of the ash behavior of coals and biomasses/waste materials for co-utilization
Matthias DohrnRWE Power AGThermochemical calculation of solid fuels with SimuSage
Johan van DykAfrican Carbon EnergyImportance of mineral matter simulation and understanding in gasifier technology selection
Thorsten TonnesenRWTH Aachen UniversityExamination of the Corrosion Resistance of Calcium Hexaaluminate Based Low Cement Castables Against Biomass Slag
Tatjana JantzenGTT-TechnologiesOn the addition of Vanadium to GTOx
Lotte De VosGhent UniversityInvestigation of convertor slag properties and their influence on steel refining by means of thermodynamic modelling with FactSage and ChemApp
Tatsuro IzumiUbe IndustriesSteel making analysis and comparison with actual operation data
Sabrine KhadhraouiSMS GroupThe importance of computational thermodynamics in process modelling and control: The oxygen converter as an example (BOF DePhos)
Sander ArnoutInsPyroReactive gas injection in metallurgy: where's the limit?
Pertti KoukkariVTT Technical Research Centre of Finland LtdComparing Mechanistic and Thermochemical Modelling of Reaction Rate-Controlled Multiphase Systems: Simulation of the Titanium(IV)Chloride Oxidiser
Moritz to Baben GTT-TechnologiesScanning chemical compound space for radically new processing solutions: de-bismuthizing lead


Friday Morning

Keke ChangNingbo Institute of Industrial TechnologyStudy of metastable phase formation for sputtered thin films
Tanai MarinM4DynamicsApplications of ChemApp in Multiphysics and Discrete Event Simulations
Johan ZietsmanEx MenteChemAppPy Friendly Case Studies: A journey through accelerated large-scale thermochemical investigations
Ève BélislePolytechnique MontréalFact-Web: the online version of the FactSage Software
Jean-Philippe HarveyPolytechnique MontréalExploration of new low-cost first-generation high entropy alloys using FactSage
Guixuan WuGTT-TechnologiesCurrent state of the Viscosity Calculator
Stephan PetersenGTT-TechnologiesChemApp, SimuSage, ChemSheet: Current Developments
Moritz to BabenGTT-TechnologiesFactSage 7.3