The 20th GTT Users’ Meeting is under way!

As of today, the 20th GTT Users’ Meeting is under way! It’s very warm outside, and Germany will be playing an important soccer game against South Korea this afternoon, but nonetheless we have over 70 registered participants from around the world for this year’s Users’ Meeting.

To kick off the week we hosted a 2-day FactSage training course on Monday and Tuesday. This morning we started with a demonstration of “ChemApp for Python” in cooperation with Johan Zietsman and his colleagues from Ex Mente Technologies.  Until Friday, almost 30 presentations will be given in four sessions (Aqueous, Energy Conversion, Metallurgy, and Miscellaneous).

As usual we will be able to upload almost all the user presentations to our web site. We’ll announce the availability of the presentations here in this blog.

2 thoughts on “The 20th GTT Users’ Meeting is under way!”

  1. Congratulations to all at GTT for a very interesting and well organized meeting!
    this was my first time at this user meeting and I’m really looking forward to continue participating in the future.

    1. Moritz to Baben

      Thank you Tanai! It was great to meet you and especially thank you for your talk on how to connect our calculation abilities to other software! Looking forward to see more and more software tools making use of local equilibria of things! 🙂

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