process metallurgy

FactSage online self-learning videos

Prof. In-Ho Jung from Seoul National University, our colleague and FactSage co-developer, gave a FactSage Workshop during the conference MOLTEN 2021. This workshop included self-learning videos which are freely available online via his website:  MOLTEN2021-FactSageWorkshop-HTTL The following topics were covered in the workshop: Thermodynamic Database Development Ferrous Pyrometallurgy Alloy Design Macro Processing It is an …

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A Simusage Process Model for the Iron Blast Furnace

Harvey and Gheribi[1] developed a thermochemistry-based model for the iron blast furnace. In their work, the corresponding process model was developed with a flowsheeting approach based on the connected local equilibrium reactors method, which was implemented using SimuSage, one of the very successful members the GTT’s product family. The model was constructed based on the …

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