GTT Users’ Meeting 2021

Last year our yearly Users‘ Meeting took place as a webinar. It was a huge success with more than 150 participants from all over the world! 

Because of the present situation of the CoViD-19 pandemia, we intend to organize again in 2021 an on-line GTT Users‘ Meeting. It will have a similar format to the last GTT Users‘ Meeting in 2020. 

There will be two sessions, each one with 6 to 8 presentations and the event will take place on Wednesday June 23rd and on Thursday June 24th. We are excited to welcome people from all over the world to the 23rd GTT Users’ Meeting! 

Video presentations available!

Program (all times in CEST)

Session Energy – 23rd of June – Wednesday Morning

Chairman: Stephan Petersen

9:00Greeting and Introduction
9:10Hossein Beidaghydizaji
DBFZ Deutsches BiomasseforschungszentrumSimulation of ash transformation process during silica-rich biomass combustion using FactSage
9:30Lingxue Kong
Institute of Coal Chemistry, Chinese Academy of ScienceThe role of residual carbon on flow property of coal ash in gasification: FactSage application in study of ash chemistry
9:50Emile AtallahCommissariat à l’Energie Atomique et aux Energies Alternatives (CEA)Assessing the capabilities of the ternary CaO-K2O-SiO2 phase diagram to predict real life process behavior with respect to the recent database development
10:10Gather TownCoffee break
10:30Zhongjie ShenEast China University of Science and TechnologyMelting Behavior and Element Fluctuation of Coal Ash/Slag Based on In-situ Visual Technique and FactSage Simulation
10:50Christian HolländerSiemens MülheimDeposition of Fuel Impurities Within Thermal Barrier Coatings in Gas Turbine Hot Gas Paths
11:10Gather TownCoffee break
11:30Moritz to BabenGTT-TechnologiesFrom a kitchen experiment to constrained Gibbs energy minimisation
11:50Pertti KoukkariVTT Technical Research Centre of FinlandThe extent of a chemical reaction and the respective driving force as coordinate axis in FactSage phase diagrams (partial or ‘frozen’-eq. conditions)
12:10Gather Town ​Discussion lounge
12:30End of Day 1

Session Metallurgy – 24th of June – Thursday Afternoon

Chairman: Moritz to Baben

13:00Greeting and Introduction
13:10Lim Sunglock Osaka UniversityApplication of FactSage to design lunar resource processing in “Lunar Metallurgy”
13:30Shengqiang Song Wuhan University of Science and TechnologyRecycling of Chromium-Containing Waste Oxide as Alloying Addition in Ladle Metallurgy: kinetics modeling through FactSage Macros
13:50Mohammad Al HarahshehJordan University of Science and TechnologyOxidative thermal treatment of EAFD-PVC mixtures toward selective separation of metal values
14:10Gather TownCoffee break
14:30Patrice ChartrandÉcole Polytechnique de MontréalPhysical properties, with a focus on the thermal conductivity of phases and phase assemblages
14:50Johan ZietsmanEx MenteThe Gibbs Phase Rule - A Deeper Look
15:10Gather TownCoffee break
15:30Tanai MarinXPS Expert Process SolutionsXPS ChemApp interface for real-time digital twin modelling of metallurgical plants
15:50Sabrine KhadhraouiSMS DüsseldorfCombining the power of computational thermochemistry with the convenience of Python programming: My experience with ChemAppPy
16:10Wagner BielefeldtLasid - Federal University of Rio Grande do SulEvaluation of thermodynamic simulation (FactSage) for the interpretation of the presence of phases and the firing behavior of triaxial ceramics
16:30Gather TownDiscussion lounge
17:00End of Day 2

The presentations will be recorded in advance with our support and we will broadcast them during the period of the on-line Users’ Meeting. After and during each presentation, the audience can ask questions in a chat. These questions will be answered by the presenter after the presentation. Thus, we hope to ensure lively discussions. 

Participation is open to everyone and is free of charge, but please note that registration is required.

Registrations will be accepted until Monday, June 21st 2021, 23:59 CEST.