FactSage Educational

The FactSage Educational package (FactSage Edu) is a free version of the FactSage software for interested users download. It can also be used to teach (computational) thermochemistry in universities.

The version is complete, in the sense that all standard databases and the main calculational modules of the full program can be utilized. The main limitation of this free version is that calculations are restricted to a maximum of three different chemical elements. Other restrictions are that some Apps, like the Calphad Optimizer and the Viscosity module are not included in the FactSage Edu package. The full list of restrictions can be found here.

The FactSage Educational package is available for download here.

There is plethora of different binary and ternary systems for which you will be able to calculate phase equilibria with FactSage Edu by using its Equilib module. In addition to this, you may also generate binary and ternary phase diagrams for all those systems.

There are some interesting examples that you may simulate with the FactSage Edu, like:

  • The oxidation of a metal in an atmosphere containing (CO+CO2+O2) or (N2+O2) at high temperature and/or at high pressure,
  • the reduction of an arbitrary metal oxide MxOy with a CO/CO2 mixture,
  • the calculation of ternary phase diagrams for systems consisting of three chemical elements,
  • the calculation of a special phase diagram relevant for blast furnace technology: the Baur-Glässner diagram

…and many others!

Please check our blog posts for some examples that can be calculated with FactSage Edu. The System Requirements for FactSage Edu can be found here.

FactSage Edu also contains a complete tutorial on thermodynamics develop by Prof. Klaus Hack: FactSage Teach. In this tutorial, you will find practical assignments to be worked on by using FactSage, and many of these assignments can also be worked on using the free FactSage Educational Package.

If you have questions regarding the installation or use of FactSage Edu, please contact us via our support center.