Why does GTT start a blog?

“In this house, we obey the laws of thermodynamics!”

– Homer Simpson.


We at GTT completely agree: The laws of thermodynamics are the solid foundation on which we can build understanding of materials and processes. Not all materials and processes are in equilibrium, but there are also many options to calculate constrained equilibria and we reach understanding on e.g. kinetic restrictions by comparing experiment with theory. In FactSage, databases for nearly all inorganic materials are available: From oxides and slags to metallic databases, from salts and aqueous solutions to fertilizers. This results in the fact that we at GTT cannot keep up to date with all the possible uses of FactSage in the different areas – so how should our customers? This blog will collect application examples as well as highlight recent developments. And there are many recent developments at the moment. Just to name a few: FactSage can now calculate thermodynamically sound aqueous phase diagrams; we have developed a CalPhaD database that aims at bridging the gap from 0K ab initio calculations to relevant temperatures; we have modelled a steel converter on full thermodynamic basis using SimuSage. Blog articles dedicated to these topics will follow, of course. Do you have a comment, a question or even a beautiful application example? Please leave a comment below or contact us via info@gtt-technologies.de!

The Simpson figure. http://www.simpsoncrazy.com/

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