May 2018

How do I add “Balance” as amount for Fe?

I have just been asked by an experienced FactSage user how to add “Balance” when specifying an alloy composition in FactSage. This is one of the features that is very useful but unkown to many, so we should explain it better! This is why we started the GTT-blog anyway… So, let’s consider the case when […]

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GTT Users’ Meeting 2018

The program of the 2018 GTT-Technologies Users’ Meeting is now online! In the spirit of past meetings, the program is divided into four sessions: Aqueous (Wednesday afternoon), Energy Conversion (Thursday morning), Metallurgy (Thursday afternoon) and Miscellaneous (Friday morning), plus individual talks to represent the broad variety of applications where GTT products are used. With excellent

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Why does GTT start a blog?

“In this house, we obey the laws of thermodynamics!” – Homer Simpson.   We at GTT completely agree: The laws of thermodynamics are the solid foundation on which we can build understanding of materials and processes. Not all materials and processes are in equilibrium, but there are also many options to calculate constrained equilibria and

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