Training Course FactSage for Pyrometallurgy

The date of the open FactSage Training Course on pyrometallurgical applications is fixed! On 11th and 12th of October Prof. Klaus Hack will teach how to use FactSage in the hot part of metallurgical plants. The 11th of Ocotober will cover the basics behind FactSage while the 12th of October is devoted to real application examples from the exciting interactions between slags, melts, refractories, inclusions, gases – you name it! And this should be taken literally since we always try our best to answer the challenges put forward by our customers and each course leaves some flexibility to focus on the needs of the participants.

The course fee is 330 € for one day or 550 € for two days (+ 19% VAT) and includes teaching material, coffee breaks and lunch. We have received first registrations and the number of participants is limited to 2 to 6, so please register as soon as possible by mail to We look forward to welcoming you in Herzogenrath!

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