Webinar: “ChemApp for Python” – The Beginning of an Exciting Journey

Our first “ChemApp for Python” webinar was a fantastic experience for us. We greatly enjoyed the opportunity and extend our sincere thanks to the nearly 100 participants for their valuable contributions. This webinar marked the inception of a series of digital sessions that aim to provide insightful online courses and webinars in the future, and we look forward to embarking on this journey with you.

Watch the webinar (again)!

Whether you missed it or want a review, the complete “ChemApp for Python” webinar is now available on our YouTube channel. You can download the files we used here.

GTT’s ChemApp for Python webinar on Youtube.

Explore more resources:

Installation guide: Need assistance setting up ChemApp for Python and converting FactSage equilibrium files using Equi2Py? Check out our straightforward installation guide.

Examples on GitHub: Explore the code, contribute, and make suggestions on our collaborative GitHub repository, pull requests are welcome. This was an excellent request by one of the webinar participants, thank you for that!

What’s new: Get updated on the latest features by reading our blog post on “ChemApp in FactSage – What’s new?“.

Cheatsheet: Boost your efficiency with our Cheatsheet for ChemApp for Python.

Documentation: Access the online documentation for comprehensive insights on ChemApp for Python.

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Thanks for being part of this exciting journey with ChemApp for Python and FactSage! We look forward to your continued involvement in our upcoming webinars.

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