KilnSimu – Solution for Rotary Kiln Simulation

KilnSimu is a standalone software that can be used for thermodynamic modelling rotary drum furnaces. It is a joint production by VTT and GTT. While it relies on the calculation routines of ChemApp, it is user-friendly and specialized to one specific application.

The rotary kiln is concurrently used in several industries. The rotary drum provides an efficient means for both heat and mass transfer in the processing of slurries and other condensed mixtures. Pigment and cement manufacturing industries among others are using rotary drums for the thermal treatments of various materials. In the chemical recovery of kraft pulping, rotary drums are applied for lime recycling. Other uses include manufacture of oxides (aluminum, zinc, lead), reduction of ores and waste incineration.

There is an increasing interest in the complex chemistry of the rotary drums, as many of the raw materials as well as the fuels used as heat sources vary in their chemical composition. This variation may lead to undesired emissions in the off gas or maintenance problems of the kiln. One common problem in lime kiln is the formation of rings due to alkali compounds. On the other hand, if the operational conditions of the kilns remain sufficiently stable, their remote control and a centralized maintenance for several kilns can be achieved. Such arrangements may lead to significant savings in the operation cost of a production site.

  • In KilnSimu the rotary kiln is divided into a number of axial calculation zones, in which average temperatures and compositions of material bed and gas flows, as well as inner and outer wall temperatures of the kiln are solved from their respective balance equations.
  • With KilnSimu it is also possible to build and simulate a flowsheet containing several different kinds of unit operations commonly used with rotary kiln. These are: Cooler, Calciner, Cyclone, Mixer and Splitter.

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