FactSage in distance learning and home-office use

To enable academic institutions who rely on the use of FactSage in classroom instruction to students during the coming months, GTT would like to help you make the transition to “distance learning” education easier.

If you normally use a FactSage server/client installation at your institute to organize your course that includes hands-on training with FactSage, but have to cope with restrictions that you’re currently not able to facilitate such a course in a classroom setting, and the free “FactSageEdu” version is not a solution for you, feel free to contact us. We will provide you on short notice with up to 10 physical hardware keys (dongles) that you can distribute to your students and which contain licenses for FactSage and the databases to which you would normally also have access in your FactSage server/client installation. This way students are more flexible to participate from home using their own computers. These dongles will be fitted with an initial expiration date of May 31 and can be extended by us if your classroom teaching has not returned to normal by then. We will not charge for these additional temporary licenses, provided that you would be prepared to carry the shipping costs to your institution and back to GTT. In the event that any of the temporary dongles are not returned to GTT we would bill you for them according to our own purchase price.

We hope that this offer will make it a bit easier for academic institutions to carry on with their FactSage-based courses in these trying times.

If you’re not part of the target group described above, but are a user of FactSage at an academic or commercial institution who normally relies on a FactSage network client installation at your workplace, we are prepared to provide you with additional temporary standalone (dongle-based) licenses for your home office work during the next months. While normally the minimum license period is one year, we would price these temporary licenses based on the number of months instead (minimum: 2 months, maximum 5 months, to be optionally extended depending on how the situation develops).

If you are interested, please contact us at info@gtt-technologies.

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