The Non-Ideal Solution Models in ChemSage


  • Solution models available in ChemSage V3.x:
Model Application area
Four-suffix Margules
for general use with substitutional
or associated solution phases
Ionic two sublattice model ionic liquids
Equivalent fraction sublattice model molten salts
Gaye-Kapoor-Frohberg cell model ionic oxidic mixtures
Blander-Pelton modified quasichemical model ionic oxidic mixtures with non-oxidic solutes
Wagner metallic dilute solutions
Pitzer concentrated aqueous solutions
Virial equation non-ideal gas phases

  • Additional solution models available with ChemSage Version 4:
Model Application area
Compound energy formalism
Species chemical potential/bond energy formalism
solid alloys
Revised Helgeson-Kirkham-Flowers (HKF) Model Standard and non-ideal mixing properties up to 5 kbar and 1300K
C-H-O-S-N-Ar Multicomponent Fluid Model Non-ideal multicomponent fluid mixtures up to 1 Mbar and 6000K
High-Temperature/High-Pressure Birch-Murnaghan Multicomponent Model P-V-T properties and equilibrium states for various solid solution phases and melts up to 1 Mbar and 6000K