Ternary Alloy Phase Diagrams CD-ROM, V1.0

Published by ASM International


The most comprehensive Ternary Phase Diagram is now available on CD-ROM.
15,000 Phase Diagrams available for all Ternary Systems.
Includes all the phase diagrams that are in the 10-volume print set.

  • Available as seven subsets or as the full Handbook for utility and affordability
  • Discount for owners of the print edition
  • Search for crystal structure, melting point, density, author, and more
  • All phase diagrams available and linked to crystal data

Powerful search engine enables maximum utility.

A crystallographic database of intermetallic coumpunds and ternary phases searchable by key descriptors:

  • Compound formula
  • Structure type
  • Pearson symbol
  • Space group symbol or number
  • Unit cell dimension or angle
  • Density
  • Melting Point
  • retieve by alloy system
  • includes coden of reference

Buy just the phase diagrams you need –
Available in seven subsets of pre-defined element groups or as the complete set

  • Industrial and Heat Resistant Alloys – Fe, Ni, Co, Cr, Mo, W, V, Nb, Mn, Hf
  • Light Metal Structural Alloys – Al, Be, Mg, Ti
  • Precious Metals – Au, Ag, Pt, Pd, Ir, Os, Rh, Ru
  • Rare Earth and Actinides – all of the rare earths (including Y and Sc) and actinide series
  • Carbides and Nitrides
  • Solders, Brazes, and Copper Alloys – Pb, Bi, Ag, Au, Sb, In, Ga, Cd, Zn, Cu, Sn
  • Electronic Materials and Semiconductors – Au, Si, Ge, As, Ir, Bi, Ti, Sb, Te, Se, Al, Ga
  • Complete Handbook of Ternary Alloy Phase Diagrams


  • Contains all data from the 10-volume Handbook of Ternary Alloy Phase Diagrams, edited by P. Villars, A. Prince, & H. Okamoto
  • 15,000 diagrams from 7,380 systems, including liquidus projections, isotherms, isopleths, and pseudobinaries
  • All diagrams and data in standardized formats, using o, atomic %, labeled by diagram type and including reference key


  • Powerful database searching of intermetallic compounds and ternary phases by key descriptors including compound formula, structure type, melting point, density, Pearson symbol, space group symbol or number, unit cell dimension or angle, author, and more
  • All phase diagrams linked to related crystal data and full reference
  • Retrieval by alloy system using menus, keywords, and search Wizard

Required Hardware/Software:

PC Version:

  • IBM or compatible computer
  • 80486DX processor or higher
  • 8MB RAM minimum, 12 MB RAM recommended
  • Microsoft Windows® 3.1, Windows® 95, or Windows® NT Workstation 3.51 or higher
  • 15 MB of free hard drive space*
  • CD-ROM drive, double-speed or higher recommended

*Additional 10-15 MB of hard disk space is required for temporary swap files. Windows 3.1 users must also set aside at least 20 MB of hard disk space for permanent swap files, regardless of the amount of RAM available.

Mac Version:

  • CPU: 68030, 68040 of higher processor
  • 8MB RAM minimum, 16 MB RAM recommended
  • Macintosh® System Software 7.1 or later
  • 15 MB of free hard drive space required for CD installation*
  • CD-ROM drive, double-speed or higher recommended

*230 MB of hard disk space required for hard disk installation.