SGTE Databases

The Scientific Group Thermodata Europe(SGTE) is a consortium of several European and North-American centres engaged in the compilation and critical assessment of themodynamic data for inorganic and metallurgical substances of all types; pure substances in condensed and gaseous form, alloys, slags, mattes, aqueous solutions, salts and semiconductor systems.
SGTE maintains and develops two databases:

  • Pure Substance database containing thermochemical data for pure substances and gaseous species
  • Solution Phase database containing thermochemical data for multi component, non ideal solution phases

The Pure Substance database developed by SGTE contains assessed thermochemical data for approximately 4,200 substances. The data for each compound or species are given relative to the stable element reference(SER). The Pure Substance database is particularly useful for the calculation of complex multi-phase equilibria for multi-component systems with no condensed solutions – the gas phase is treated as ideal.

The Solution Phase database has also been developed by SGTE where a variety of models are used to describe the composition dependence of the thermodynamic properties of mixing for condensed solution phases. SGTE has accommodated general models in its Solution database with the requirement that they are applicable to multicomponent systems. Two models are mainly used:

  • The substitutional model
  • The sublattice model; applied to interstitial phases, intermetallic phases and ionic liquids

The Solution database covers mainly metallic alloy systems thus permitting calculations of general multi-component phase diagrams concerning metal matrix-precipitate equilibria in the solid state, solidification path investigations or the formation of intermetallic compounds. Especially the formation of carbides, nitrides and carbo-nitrides in steels or hard-metal systems is a stronghold of the SGTE Solution database.

SGTE is planning on providing application specific databases as well.