Phase Equilibria Diagrams CD-ROM Database, Version 2.1

Published by The American Ceramic Society

The Phase Equilibria Diagrams Database contains more than 13,000 diagrams for ceramic materials published in Volumes I-X, Annuals ’91, ’92 and ’93; and the first High Tc Superconductor volume. Previously only available in a multi-book form, it is the most comprehensive phase diagrams database dedicated to ceramic materials ever released.

The search capabilities have been enhanced to allow searches by:

  • Authors
  • System components
  • Language of the original publication
  • Year (of original publication of the diagram)
  • Phase Equilibria Diagrams series volume number
  • Full bibliographic reference of the paper
  • Figure captions from diagrams published in Phase Equilibria Diagrams volumes.

Simultaneous searches can be performed using two or more search strategies, for example, find specific chemical systems from year x by author y. Initial search results can be refined further by adding/changing search parameters. Bibliographic references and figure captions are full-text searchable — searches can be executed using mineral terms, methods, etc.

Once a set of systems has been identified, diagrams may be viewed one figure at a time. This database contains a powerful graphics capability that permits:

  • On-screen plotting of the diagrams
  • Magnification of selected regions
  • Conversion from mol% to wt% (and vice versa)
  • Lever rule calculations
  • Overlay of related diagrams
  • Display of the cursor position in real units
  • Reverse function for binary diagrams (permits switching of left and right end members)
  • Curve follow (to track curve coordinates)

New Features:

  • Faster search time
  • Now includes all diagrams from the 200 series

Please note that diagrams from Volumes I through IV can be viewed as scanned images only and, therefore, cannot be manipulated.

PC System Requirements:

32 bit version:
 Intel 486 or greater, Microsoft® Windows 95, CD-ROM drive hard disk with 17 MB free, VGA (640×480) graphics minimum (will operate on a Windows NT system).
16 bit version:
 Intel 486 or greater, Microsoft® Windows 3.1x, Microsoft® DOS (6.0 or greater), CD-ROM drive, 17 MB free, VGA (640×480) graphics minimum.

Multiuser licensing available. Reduced prices for ACerS members.