Matchmaking – Connecting Research and Industry

GTT also sees itself as a link between industry and the scientific community, especially with respect to making the needs of industry for reliable experimental data match with the capabilities of scientific institutions to execute high accuracy experiments and theoretical simulation. The institute of Materials Chemistry at the RWTH Aachen and GTT-Technologies collaborate to offer a wide range of thermochemical services that support a growing interest in the application of thermochemistry to solving problems arising in the production and application of inorganic and organic materials.

We have longstanding relationships with several institutes of Rheinisch Westfälische Technische Hochschule, Aachen, Germany. The most prominent among these are to:

Furthermore we offer to establish contact with experts outside RWTH Aachen:

  • Department of Materials Technology, University of Siegen 
    Professor Dr.-Ing. Hans-Jürgen Christ, 
    Metal Corrosion Investigations and Computer Simulation
  • Institute for Materials in Energy Processes
    Professor Dr. Lorenz Singheiser and Professor Dr. Klaus Hilpert 
    High Temperature Mass Spectrometry and Calorimetry, Differential Thermal Analysis
  • VTT Chemical Technology
    Dr. Pertti Koukkari 
    Experimental Investigations and Computer Modelling with ChemSheet