7.5 I’m trying to convert a data-file using ChemFile, but it crashes, what’s wrong?

There are two common reasons for this effect:

  • If the data-file is in ASCII form, check whether the line endings are correct. If the data-file has been copied from a different platform (e.g. from a DOS to a Unix machine), it could be that the line endings have not been converted properly.
  • ChemFile only converts data-files from ChemSage V3.x format to the current ChemApp/ChemSage V4 format. It will not work properly if you try to read a data-file which is in ChemApp/ChemSage V4 format already, nor will it convert data-files which are in the very old ChemSage V2/SOLGASMIX formats (if you still have such old data-files and would like to use them, please contact GTT-Technologies). 

If you suspect none of the above points is the reason for your problem with ChemFile, please contact GTT-Technologies.