2.6 In which areas is ChemApp used?

ChemApp is used in programs from such areas as process simulation and optimisation, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), solidification and casting simulation, crystal growth, kinetically controlled production processes, etc. The ChemApp web page contains examples from several application areas.

In general, ChemApp can be applied in all areas where ChemSage and FactSage have already been successfully applied, a brief list of which is given in the table below.


Table Example areas of applications


Sintering Aluminium electrolysis
Roasting Silver alloys with SiC
Purification of metals Casting processes
Waste treatment Incineration
Heat treatment cycles Electron beam melting
Alloy research studies Ore reduction
Precipitation studies Corrosion
Dispersion strengthening Castings
Hard metal compounds Extraction
Combustion Electronic materials
Nitrates in water High TC superconductors
Steels Ceramics
Tungsten halogenides Slags
Cement manufacture Molten salts
Dioxine Organics
Glasses Geochemistry/planetology