Custom Software Services

Using our software tools, especially the programmer’s library ChemApp, we are in the unique position to provide custom made thermochemical software. This may provide straight forward calculational results which can also be obtained using our standard software FactSage, but with a more application oriented input and output, for example SteelMap, or it may cover a completely new field of use of thermochemistry such as the calculation of a thermophysical property based on a thermochemical model as in SurfTens.

  • SteelMap – Although ChemSage and FactSage enable a user to produce and visualize all sorts of results, a custom program was commissioned by a user to exactly show the type of results he wanted, to have access to an easy-to-use program specializing in calculations with steels, produce Excel® output tables, run batch calculations and automatically save and print all results. SteelMap was implemented using Borland Delphi® and based entirely on ChemApp.
  • SurfTens – Applying ChemApp to calculate surface tensions in multicomponent liquid solutions.

Furthermore, we also set up customized spreadsheet applications for user defined thermochemical calculations using ChemSheet. This has already been done successfully for the calculation of mercury vapour pressures in energy saving lamps, for a model investigation of a Waelz-kiln and other cases.