Contractual Services

You do not need to be an expert in thermochemistry, we can also help you!

Many practitioners need the answer to one specific question, but do not need access to thermochemical calculation software. We have years of expertise in understanding the practicioner’s problem, translating it into a thermochemical calculation and explaining the result. Often, contractual work is used by companies as an expedient and cost-effective means to benefit from the application of thermodynamic analysis to their problems, before installation of their own “in-house” capability.

We handle calculation assignments of any size, ranging from simple enquiries resulting in a telephone answer up to long term projects with staged work schemes and requiring a comprehensive end report or even individualized software. We are of course ready to make adjustments and additions both to the databases and to the software in order to be able to satisfy the needs of the particular assignment.

In order for you to gain some understanding of the possible scope of a calculation assignment here is a list of a few contracts:

  • Processing of permanent magnets for electric motors
  • Thermodynamic modelling during 3D-printing
  • Aluminothermic production of Al-Mo-alloys
  • Thermochemical calculations on the treatment of special wastes in an iron bath
  • Calculation of enthalpies and heat capacities of liquid pig iron
  • Equilibrium calculations on the heat treatment of Fe-Al-C alloys in a quartz ampule
  • Stable and meta-stable phases in the systems AlN-TiN, AlN-HfN, SiC-TiC, SiC-TiN
  • Thermochemical calculations on the oxide formation in the Al-Zr-O system
  • Equilibria in the Pt-rich corner of the system Pt-Zr-B
  • Thermochemical treatment of the pot lining of an Al-electrolysis cell
  • Metal-slag equilibria for the metalic melt Fe-V-Al with Al2O3-CaO-V2O5
  • Geochemical reactions in slag piles
  • Thermochemical calculations on the stability of spinels in heat exchanger pipes

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