Calphad Optimizer – beta version

Dear beta-tester of the new Calphad Optimizer!

Thank you for your interest in testing the Calphad Optimizer. Please follow the steps lined out here carefully.

  1. Download the installation files here.
  2. Run the installer and follow the instructions. When starting, you will see a blue pop-up warning you against an unrecognized app. Please click “More info” and then “Run anyway”.
  3. Please start the Calphad Optimizer by opening CalphadOptimizer.exe from FactSage82\CalphadOptimizer. Note: The license check can take a minute.

Don’t try starting the Calphad Optimizer from the FactSage main menu. This is not working yet.

This instruction should work for most of you. If it does not, please contact us via There is a known issue related to Network dongles which still needs resolution, but that should not affect anybody outside GTT (to the best of our knowledge).

If you want to be notified when we upload important updates (next one planned for ~18th of March), please send a short mail to Currently, we are implementing support of ChemSage.DAT files with functions. This will make your life already easier since the information about G-functions in the solutions is still lost during conversion to and from ChemSage.DAT format.

Also, please send any question or feedback (positive, negative, bugs, feature requests) to! We want to know from you how we can improve!

In the final release of FactSage, the download functionality will of course be improved.


Change log (German time zone):

08.03.2022 18:30 first version is online:

09.03.2022 12:30 Updated download to version including an installer, simplifying the installation procedure: Setup-CalphadOptimizer_beta_1_20220308145445.exe

10.03.2022 20:20 Updated download to version supporting User-IDs smaller than 1000: Setup-CalphadOptimizer_0.7.2-beta.exe

15.03.2022 09:20 Updated download to version with improved versioning tracking: Setup-CalphadOptimizer_0.7.3-beta.exe

16.03.2022 12:15 Updated download to version with loading screen and error messages if licenses are missing: Setup-CalphadOptimizer_0.7.4-beta.exe

16.03.2022 16:45 Changed download again to Setup-CalphadOptimizer_0.7.3-beta.exe because of a bug in Setup-CalphadOptimizer_0.7.4-beta.exe