Computational thermochemistry for sustainable metallurgy

The Royal Society, London, 05 – 06 February 2024
Sustainable metals: science and systems
Ö. Büyükuslu, F. Tang, B. Reis, F. Herrig, F. Yang, C. Früh, P. Keuter, M. to Baben

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Thermochemical databases = Map of chemical space

ChemApp is a programmer’s library that permits the calculation of complex, multicomponent, multiphase chemical equilibria and their associated extensive property balances. With the Equi2Py module in FactSage 8.3, you can effortlessly set up thermochemical systems and smoothly transition to the ChemApp for Python scripts, reducing the complexity of setting up thermochemical experiments for anyone, even those with no programming experience.

Metallurgical process modelling including full solution thermodynamics

Stream calculations in ChemApp for Python

Integration of direct reduction furnaces into the plant flowsheet requires considering certain data for estimation or simulation. Stream calculation in ChemApp for Python allows setting initial conditions in addition to general boundary conditions. This enables quick calculation of heat balances and modeling scenarios like mixing hot air with a cold aqueous solution.

Process informed alloy design

High throughput screening with ChemApp
Liquidus T (°C)12091195
Solidus T (°C)11271162
Tms (°C)205207 – 228
Production cost (€/kg)22
Density (g/cm³)7.8

765,000 compositions were assessed based on materials and process criteria, resulting in the identification of 168 promising hardfacing alloy compositions after high-throughput screening.

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