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"The 20th century was the century of experiments in materials engineering. The 21st century will be the century of modelling."
GTT-Technologies has specialized for decades in collecting the fruits of experimental work in the form of Gibbs energy databases and in the software that is needed to make use of them - both in the form of user-friendly software dedicated to the analysis of complex equilibria and programming libraries that can be easily integrated into Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) approaches.
The employed methodology for data evaluation (CalPhad) has led to comprehensive, combinable databases that can be used for various applications.
Using our software and databases will allow you to design new materials and processes, direct an experimental programme, analyse pilot plant or production data and direct process changes and optimize yields. In short: it will allow you to save time and money!
Have a look at our software, the data and our consulting abilities. Use our newsletter to keep up to date with GTT-Technologies and contact us in case of questions!


We are very pleased to report that Gunnar Eriksson, the programmer of the Gibbs energy minimization code in all our products, including FactSage, ChemApp and SimuSage, is the 2017 J. Willard Gibbs Phase Equilibria Award recipient. He is cited for:

Development of software for calculation of multicomponent, multiphase chemical equilibria, and phase diagrams of various types,... Read More

Post date: 05.01.2017 - 10:46

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to be do more sports, or in general to be more active. Read this paragraph to learn what happens to a phase diagram if a phase becomes “more active”!

Cementite (Fe3C) is a metastable phase in the Fe-C phase diagram, meaning it only forms if the precipitation of pure graphite is inhibited. How... Read More

Post date: 03.01.2017 - 17:14

We just received the author's copy of the Handbook of Software Solutions for ICME. The book edited by Georg Schmitz and Ulrich Prahl is a compilation of overviews of available software tools that can be used for ICME (Integrated Computational Materials Engineering). Klaus... Read More

Post date: 30.11.2016 - 15:45

Both Klaus Hack and Stephan Petersen gave lectures again at Osaka University. On invitation from Prof. Toshihiro Tanaka from the Division of Materials and Manufacturing Science at the Graduate School of Engineering they introduced students and reseachers to computational thermochemistry and thermochemical process modelling.
Klaus Hack also attended the GTT/RCCM 2016 Users' Meeting in... Read More

Post date: 21.11.2016 - 15:34

Thin films are everywhere around us: As functional coating e.g. in electronic devices as the smartphone and the computer or as protective coating in airplane turbines or cutting tools. Modelling thin film formation in vapor phase condensation is very challenging because the quenching rates are probably a world record: From metal vapor to a solid film within femtoseconds - that results in... Read More

Post date: 26.09.2016 - 15:09