8.4 I want to retrieve Cp/H/S/G for a phase constituent, do I use TQGETR or TQGDPC?

Both TQGETR (Get – Results) and TQGDPC (Get – Thermodynamic – Data – Phase – Constituent) allow you to retrieve the values for these thermodynamic functions for phase constituents. The difference is that TQGETR retrieves these values for the previously calculated equilibrium state. The values retrieved with TQGDPC, on the other hand, have nothing to do with an equilibrium state. What TQGDPC does is that it simply calculates the desired thermodynamic property by directly evaluating the polynomial expression for G (or Cp/Delta H298/S298) for the phase constituent in question and the temperature set. TQGDPC can thus for instance be used to produce graphs or tables of thermodynamic properties vs. temperature for any of the phase constituents in the data-file loaded.