General questions

2.1 What is ChemApp?

ChemApp is a programming tool from the area of computational thermochemistry. It is a programmer’s library consisting of a rich set of subroutines, based on the thermodynamic phase equilibrium calculation module of ChemSage (now FactSage). It permits the calculation of complex, multicomponent, multiphase chemical equilibria and their associated energy balances. ChemApp is available as object […]

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2.2 What is ChemApp NOT?

ChemApp is not an interactive, standalone program, it does not contain a GUI or a user menu, since it is a library of subroutines. Thus programmers who wish to add a user interface to it can add anything they want. If you are interested in a standalone, interactive program, see FactSage . ChemApp is not everything you need to perform equilibrium

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2.3 What is ChemApp light?

ChemApp light is a free version of ChemApp, and although it is restricted in two ways compared to the regular version, it gives you almost the same functionality. For details on how the light version differs from the regular version of ChemApp, please consult the documentation (-> ChemApp documentation light/regular).

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2.6 In which areas is ChemApp used?

ChemApp is used in programs from such areas as process simulation and optimisation, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), solidification and casting simulation, crystal growth, kinetically controlled production processes, etc. The ChemApp web page contains examples from several application areas. In general, ChemApp can be applied in all areas where ChemSage and FactSage have already been successfully

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2.7 Who is using ChemApp?

ChemApp is used by many commercial and academic institutions around the world, here are a few of its users Åbo Akademi ACCESS e.V. AEA Technology Alcoa Technical Center Andritz Oy Aspen Technology Betriebsforschungsinstitut (VDEh-Institut für angewandte Forschung) Brandenburgische Technische Universität Cottbus Cerro Matoso S.A. Chubu University Corus Group Delft University of Technology DLR (German Aerospace

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2.10 Does ChemApp require a hardware key, like FactSage and ChemSheet do?

Starting with version 5.0.0, all distributions of ChemApp for Microsoft Windows platforms will require a hardware key (HASP dongle), just like FactSage and ChemSheet. In fact, ChemApp can make use of the same physical hardware key that’s used for FactSage and/or ChemSheet, if you have one already. Thus, when purchasing ChemApp, you have the following

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