Download Calphad Optimizer

Dear beta-tester of the new Calphad Optimizer!

Thank you for your interest in testing the Calphad Optimizer. Please follow the steps lined out here carefully.

  1. Download the installation files below. If you want to be notified when we upload important updates, please input your mail address. Note that this is not mandatory.
  2. If you had installed a previous version of the Calphad Optimizer, please uninstall it via the Windows Add&Remove Programs app.
  3. Run the installer and follow the instructions. When starting, you will see a blue pop-up warning you against an unrecognized app. Please click “More info” and then “Run anyway”.
  4. Please start the Calphad Optimizer either from the FactSage main menu or by opening CalphadOptimizer.exe from FactSage82/CalphadOptimizer. Note: The license check can take a minute.

This instruction should work for most of you. If it does not, please contact us via 

Also, please send any question or feedback (positive, negative, bugs, feature requests) to! We want to know from you how we can improve!