GTT at the International Freiberg Conference 2022

From September 19th to 21th 2022 the International Freiberg Conference on waste gasification ( will take place and we are excited to be there!
Waste gasification is an important topic for us at GTT, because it contributes to the rational and efficient usage of natural resources. 

GTT will be represented by two talks: 

Talk 1: Software and data for thermochemical calculations in the area of waste gasification
Speaker: Stephan Petersen
When: 09/21/2022, 1.40 PM CET


Talk 2: Development and application of a database of physical properties for multicomponent oxide melts
Speaker: Guixuan Wu
When: 09/21/2022, 3.30 PM CET 

We are looking forward to listening to interesting talks and meeting many attendees! 

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