GTT Annual Workshop 2006

These presentations from the workshop 2006 are available as PDF files:

Thermochemical modelling of the combustion of Rheinland lignite coal (Application of SimuSage) (M. Muhammadieh) (abstract) (full presentation)
CFD simulation of chloride-containing flue dust in waste incinerators by coupling ChemApp and CFX (M. Weghaus) (abstract) (full presentation)
The application of ChemApp in steelmaking process models (N. Jones) (abstract) (full presentation)
Gas reduction in FactSage - influence of reductant and pressure on reduction of FeOx (K. Verweij) (abstract) (full presentation)
Kinetics of the calcium-evaporation from active CaF2-slags during pressure electro slag remelting (J.-C. Stoephasius) (abstract) (full presentation)
Coupling diffusion and local equilibrium in modelling oxidation, nitridation and carburisation (S. Gorr) (abstract) (full presentation)
ChemSheet as a process modelling tool - case studies (K. Pentillä) (abstract) (full presentation)
Modelling casting processes coupled with thermochemistry (K. Weiss) (abstract) (full presentation)
The concept and use of BALAS (K. Penttilä) (abstract) (full presentation)
The concept and use of KilnSimu (K. Penttilä) (abstract) (full presentation)
Linking FLUENT and ChemApp for the simulation of a stirred water tank (K. Penttilä) (abstract) (full presentation)