Features of ChemSage

  • ChemSage can save hundreds of hours of Analysis
Use the powerful calculation capabilities of ChemSage to investigate a wide range of technical problems and save many hours of work compared with the use of more conventional approaches. Worldwide, ChemSage and its predecessor SOLGASMIX are used in many hundreds of universities, and corporate and government laboratories to obtain results reliably, quickly and efficiently.

  • Calculations can be done in minutes, saving time and money, and improving efficiency
All you need is ChemSage, thermochemical data, your IBM-compatible computer, and a moderate understanding of thermodynamics. You can recover your investment in ChemSage in minutes: 
  1. Analyse the feasibility of a process before conducting a single laboratory experiment 
  2. Design and direct a research programme and reduce the number of experiments 
  3. Analyse pilot plant or production data and improve processes 
  4. Increase yields from extraction or recycling processes 
  5. Avoid safety and environmental problems.

  • ChemSage has been used to treat a broad range of technical problems
  • Production of high Tc superconductors

The system Y-Ba-Cu-O was analysed to understand the production of superconducting oxides by direct oxidation of the metallic constituents.

  • Processing waste salts

The optimum conditions in a fluidised bed reactor were calculated for the recovery of fluorine from used salts in an aluminium electrolytic cell.

  • PVD production of hard coatings

The meta-stability of phases in the Ti-B-C system was analysed to determine composition ranges for the PVD production of wear-resistant coatings.

  • Nozzle clogging

Process conditions were determined that avoided clogging of submerged ceramic nozzles by solid oxide reaction products during the continuous casting of steel.

  • CVD production of ultra-pure silicon

The yield of ultra-pure silicon deposited by thermal decomposition from SiHCl3 gas could be maximised after thermochemical analysis.

  • Concentration of dioxine in combustion products

Metastable concentrations of dioxine were calculated in the effluent gas of an incinerator with pesticides included in the feedstock.

  • Treatment of acidic iron sulphate solutions

The solubilities of iron sulphates as well as the vapour pressure of the solution as a function of sulphuric acid concentration were calculated.

  • Geochemical/geophysical calculations

The next version of ChemSage (V4) will contain new models and data for the calculation of problems from the fields of geochemistry and geophysics. See the text on ChemSage Version 4 for examples of what has already been calculated using these new models and data


  • ChemSage modules permit a range of Calculations
1. Calculation of thermodynamic properties of single solution and stoichiometric condensed phases with respect to a chosen reference state
2. Calculation of the chemical equilibrium state of a system that is defined with regard to temperature, pressure or volume, and total amounts and/or equilibrium activities of any phase constituent in the system more...

  • ChemSage includes more non-ideal solution models than any equivalent software program.
Various non-ideal solution models are available in the current version of ChemSage. With the next version of ChemSage (ChemSage V4), additional non-ideal solution models will be available. Additional solution models available with ChemSage Version 4